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FMA FAST SF High Cut Fast Helmet with LUX Liner airsoft

FMA FAST SF High Cut Fast Helmet with LUX Liner airsoft

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Mask & shades NOT included

First off, the new Vented Lux Liner offers 360 deg impact protection. It integrates Vent Holes and a channel for head-borne coms which is accessible when you remove the comfort pads.

The new fit band conforms to inner edge of the impact liner allowing the wearer to remove his helmet and still wear coms, unlike the old configuration which required the coms headband to fit between the helmet’s fit band and Lux Liner.

FAST SF helmets are available with the super high cut which gives you about 1/2″ more space around the ears for coms.

There’s also a new Velcro pattern for both helmets and the vent hole shapes are new on the carbon helmet. This new Velcro pattern is one-size-fits-all. These shapes also offer a low-signature on thermal cameras compared to the old, block shapes. One interesting feature is that the rear Velcro is designed specifically for use with the MOHOC camera.

Helmet only

Helmet size L/XL, head measurement 58-61cm.


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